4th Meridian – Bachelor Blonde Ale

Along the long and lonesome highway 17 spans the 4th Meridian of our fair Dominion. And from that, a few good brewers have taken their name. 4th Meridian Brewing Company resides in Lloydminister, Alberta, offering up a select set of microbrewed beers. Herein they deliver the Bachelor Blonde Ale — a lightly hopped classic American style ale. Laid back in taste with a slightly sweet finish and some saucy, yeast character. The brewing company sits on the dividing line between Alberta and Saskatchewan, ready to serve up frosty brews for weary travelers. 4th Meridian now sends their bounty out beyond the confines of the border town.

American blonde is an easy drinking beer with a well-rounded flavour profile, not aiming for too hoppy or malty but just right. This beer serves well at the 8°C mark and should be enjoyed within the normal bounds of a six-pack.

Check out 4th Meridian Brewing Company: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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