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4 Mile – Hazy Citra Pale Ale

Posted by Meagan on July 19, 2019

You can walk the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, and eventually you’ll find yourself standing at the long driveway of a tudor style home, sprawling along a stretch of green boulevard. If you happen to stroll up and head inside, you can sit down and get yourself a glass of beer considered to be one of the best on the West Coast. You are in the 4 Mile Brew Pub. One of Victoria’s original houses, the brew pub features a selection of microbrew beers and casual dining and is one of the city’s most notable landmarks. Over a century of history informs their brewing style and creative decisions.

The Hazy Citra is a beautiful example of the American style pale ale. Rich in fruit flavour, using zest and flesh together, and hops chosen for their bright character. A truly exciting taste on the tongue with a satisfying ending. Serves well at 6°C and should be enjoyed promptly.

Check out 4 Mile Brewing Company: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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