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We've scoured the world to find craft beers and secured special allotments to send to our members every month. Be the envy of your friends, just make sure to share the wealth.

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Our team of world-renowned beer experts, brewers and super tasters personally select the beers you receive and make sure they are rare, hard-to-find and mindblowing.

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The only thing better than receiving is the adulation you will get by giving CCC subscription to the beer lover in your life. If beer is life, then you just gave someone life.

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The best craft beers in the world delivered right to your taste buds each month.

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Craft Curious approximately 1.5L Starting at $38.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED
Craft Fan approximately 3L Starting at $61.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED
Craft Geek approximately 4.5L Starting at $96.95 SHIPPING INCLUDED

Each selection in our subscription packs are special large format (650ml and 750ml) brews chosen by our experts, secured especially for our members, delivered to your doorstep every month with detailed information about the beers and tasting notes. Love the beers? Order a case from us at a special members-only price.

Phil Church - @kelticdevil

The Canada Craft Club has brought craft beer that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to try right to my door every month. The team is also highly interactive and super responsive, which really lends itself to being part of the craft beer community.

Phil Church - Dartmouth, NS / @kelticdevil

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"If beer is life, then you just gave someone life."

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